American Merit: Roots Rock Rebels

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We’re excited to announce that On Saturday, February 18th, American Merit will be taking the stage at the Texas Music Cafe® at 8pm, following an opening set by local singer-songwriter Doc Dockery at 7pm.

The Texas-based Roots Rock’n’Roll band, consisting of Alex Smith, Daniel Lightfoot, Russell McClendon, and Evan Shepperd, officially formed in 2020, and we’re thrilled to have them back after their previous successful appearance.

The band’s background in the music industry goes way back to their teenage years, with members coming up playing in metal and Texas Red Dirt/Americana scenes. Their songwriting process typically starts with an idea from Alex, which the entire band then collaborates on to bring to life. The band’s energy and honesty are a true representation of their music, with the band putting their all into each performance.

American Merit is one of the few bands that prioritize their artistic vision over the commercial demands of the music industry. They create music they love and hope their fans enjoy it just as much. Their music continues to evolve, and they plan to incorporate new sounds while becoming a better version of themselves. They create music they love and hope their audience enjoys it just as much. Their upcoming show at the Texas Music Cafe® promises to be an unforgettable experience, with their energetic Roots Rock’n’Roll.

As for the future of their music, the band plans to continue evolving and incorporating new sounds while becoming a tighter and better version of themselves.

The band is currently working on a new EP, set to release by the end of spring. The EP is being mixed and mastered by Chris Clancy at Audioworks Productions in the UK. Fans can look forward to new music that showcases American Merit’s growth as a band.

Don’t miss American Merit’s upcoming show at the Texas Music Cafe® Saturday, February 18th. Their Roots Rock’n’Roll promises to be a thrilling and authentic representation of their unique sound.

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