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Zak Webb: A Talent on the Rise comes to Texas Music Cafe®

Texas Music Cafe® is excited to have rising star, Zak Webb, performing at our venue April 1st, 2023. Zak is a gifted musician who has been making waves in the music industry with his unique sound and powerful performances. We caught up with Zak and asked him about his background, his creative process, and what…

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Kenny HAda The Others

Kenny Hada and The Others Ready to Rock Texas Music Cafe® on Saturday March 11 2023

Get ready to experience a powerhouse performance when Kenny Hada and The Others take the stage at Texas Music Cafe® on Saturday March 11 2023. Hailing from McAllen, Texas, Kenny Hada has been playing guitar since he was just 8 or 9 years old, and has been performing professionally since he was 17. With an…

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Garrett Bryan: The Louisiana Musician Making Waves in Texas and Beyond

Garrett Bryan may have grown up in the same Louisiana Parrish as music legend Jerry Lee Lewis, but his unique sound and style have taken him far beyond the borders of his home state. A self-described “kid in talent shows, coffee shops, bars, and now on tour,” Bryan’s love for performing was sparked at a…

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American Merit: Roots Rock Rebels

We’re excited to announce that On Saturday, February 18th, American Merit will be taking the stage at the Texas Music Cafe® at 8pm, following an opening set by local singer-songwriter Doc Dockery at 7pm. The Texas-based Roots Rock’n’Roll band, consisting of Alex Smith, Daniel Lightfoot, Russell McClendon, and Evan Shepperd, officially formed in 2020, and…

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From Punk to Folk: The Journey of Tribe & King

Growing up on the East Coast, Tribe & King was heavily involved in punk rock and metal music as a youth. Playing with a popular punk band and building a strong fan base took a toll on a young Benjamin Defibaugh. After a decade-long break from the industry, Benjamin moved to Texas and fell in…

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Interview with James Hollingsworth

James Hollingsworth is a talented singer-songwriter with a unique history in the music business. From touring Europe in his early days playing classical music to writing about the stories that matter most to him, James has established himself as a serious presence on the stage, with a style that is both personal and introspective. With…

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