Homegrown Singer-Songwriter JJ Watt Brings His Rootsy Rock to Texas Music Cafe®

John Watt Rocks ATT Cowboys Stadium Dallas

Get ready for a night of heartfelt, down-home music as Iowa-bred singer-songwriter JJ Watt takes the stage at Waco’s beloved Texas Music Cafe® on July 13th, 2024. With his gravelly vocals and deft work on guitar, harmonica and keys, Watt will be serving up a healthy dose of Americana-infused rock for a can’t-miss show.

Watt’s musical journey began back in 1994 when he started out as a one-man-band before eventually forming his eponymous group, the John Watt Band. His creative process is deeply rooted in letting the melodies and rhythms flow first, with lyrics and themes organically emerging from the moods and tones set by the music.

“The music comes first and sets up a mood or general tone. Some words will usually happen simultaneously in the very beginning.”

JJ Watt

For his live performances, Watt lays down thick rhythmic grooves on guitar or piano before bringing in his raspy, soulful vocals and blistering harmonica leads when playing solo sets. Audiences can expect an intimate yet energetic showing from this seasoned road warrior.

One particularly memorable career highlight for Watt was a 2019 gig at a small Dallas bar, after which he had strangers recognize and approach him at a gas station just hours later. “At the time this was very flattering since I’d only been in town for about 5 hours,” he recalls. “I’ll never forget that incident and hoped it was indication of things to come.”

While finding success in music can often mean compromising one’s artistic vision, Watt strives to stay true to his calling as a songwriter first and foremost. “I try to stay focused as a songwriter, that being my first occupation, with the idea of being a performing artist coming next in line,” he says. “Though I’ll generally let my faith in a higher power lead me in the right direction.”

With new doors opening up for sync placements in film and TV, Watt has no plans to stop writing and recording any time soon. His latest single “Texas Girl” is set for release on June 28th, 2024, and he’ll be promoting it heavily on his summer tour. The upbeat track is an unabashed love letter to the strong, beautiful spirit uniquely found in Texas women.

Don’t miss your chance to catch JJ Watt’s rootsy stylings and hear cuts like “Texas Girl” live at the intimate Texas Music Cafe® on July 13th. Showtime is 9pm and tickets are available at www.texasmusiccafe.com.