New Frontiers: Blackbird Sing’s Evolutionary Sound

Blackbird Sing Brings Texicana Sounds to Texas Music Cafe®

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We caught up with Vito Salinas of Blackbird Sing ahead of their upcoming show at Texas Music Cafe in San Antonio. The Texicana band is set to bring their unique blend of sounds influenced by Texas classics, yacht rock, and the music they grew up listening to from their parents.

I find that our music is a melting pot of different sounds not necessarily country, but also not rock – just. a little bit of this and that and voila…Texicana!

Vito Salinas

Salinas has deep roots in the San Antonio punk scene dating back to the 90s, playing in various local bands for over a decade before Blackbird Sing came together more recently. “We basically cut our teeth in the 90’s playing in various iterations of punk bands in San Antonio,” he says. “After a short hiatus we decided to slowly come back but as time passed and we got older so did our musical taste.”

While originally envisioned as a solo singer-songwriter project for Salinas, Blackbird Sing organically evolved into a full-fledged family band. “It was supposed to just be me doing singer/songwriter,” Salinas explains. “I asked my cousin to sit in on drums while I practiced and the rest is history.”

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Lyrically, Blackbird Sing draws inspiration from real-life experiences. “I’ve always pulled from real life and admired the songs that I can relate to best,” says Salinas. “I’m very much drawn to lyrics and telling stories in a clever manner, but still being accessible.”

Their energetic and engaging live performances are not to be missed. “We try to play every show as if we were playing to a sold out stadium, but often interact with the audience too,” Salinas describes. “If one person came to see just us then we need to see that one person as well.”

One particularly memorable show for the band was in the small town of Taylor, Texas. “The room was full and every song was just hitting,” Salinas recounts. “Afterwards one of the locals invited us to his loft and treated the band to a nice dinner and some great tequila!”

With a new full-length album tentatively titled American on the way, Blackbird Sing’s ever-evolving Texicana sound is pushing forward. “As we get older it seems that we add more instruments and keep pulling from our parents’ music and the tunes we grew up on,” says Salinas. “I find that our music is a melting pot of different sounds – not necessarily country, but also not rock – just a little bit of this and that.”

The band’s name itself holds personal meaning stemming from Salinas’ “strong connection and admiration to birds.” Blackbird Sing is a mashup of the Beatles’ “Blackbird” and Ryan Adams’ “Mockingbird Song” – a perfect fit for their distinct musical blend.

Don’t miss Blackbird Sing bringing their energetic Texicana sound to the Texas Music Cafe stage June 7 at 110 S. 6th Street Downtown Waco. Doors at 7PM Show at 8PM Ticket Link Below.

Their infectious spirit and compelling storytelling are sure to make for a memorable night of great live music.

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