New Frontiers: Blackbird Sing’s Evolutionary Sound

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Blackbird Sing Brings Texicana Sounds to Texas Music Cafe® We caught up with Vito Salinas of Blackbird Sing ahead of their upcoming show at Texas Music Cafe in San Antonio. The Texicana band is set to bring their unique blend of sounds influenced by Texas classics, yacht rock, and the music they grew up listening…

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Kenny Hada and The Others Ready to Rock Texas Music Cafe® on Saturday March 11 2023

Kenny HAda The Others

Get ready to experience a powerhouse performance when Kenny Hada and The Others take the stage at Texas Music Cafe® on Saturday March 11 2023. Hailing from McAllen, Texas, Kenny Hada has been playing guitar since he was just 8 or 9 years old, and has been performing professionally since he was 17. With an…

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Whats a PRO and why should I care as a songwriter?

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As a songwriter, it’s essential to get registered with a Performance Rights Organization (PRO) in order to ensure you are fairly compensated for your work. PROs, such as ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC, collect and distribute royalties for musicians when their music is played publicly. This includes performances on radio, television, and online, as well as…

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