Trashy Annie Brings Their Electrifying Sound to Texas Music Cafe® August 17 2024

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Mark your calendars for August 17, 2024, music enthusiasts! The Texas Music Cafe® is proud to present one of the most exciting acts in the Americana scene – Trashy Annie. Led by the dynamic Annie Davis, this high-energy band is set to rock our stage with their unique blend of genres, promising an unforgettable night of music and celebration.

The story of Trashy Annie, and particularly its frontwoman Annie Davis, is one of perseverance and passion. Growing up in challenging circumstances, on welfare and food stamps, Davis’s journey to musical success is nothing short of inspiring. Her musical odyssey began when she taught herself to play the trumpet, a skill that ultimately earned her a college scholarship.

We love our fans and the crazier people dress when they come to a Trashy Annie show, the more fun we all have together! Our shows are meant to remind us all not to take the world, or ourselves, too seriously.

Annie Davis

However, Davis’s path to becoming the powerhouse behind Trashy Annie was far from straightforward. In her mid-20s, she pivoted away from music to pursue a career in biomechanics, even starting her own company in 2013. But as Davis puts it, she “missed music like a missing limb.” This yearning led her back to music in 2019 when she bought her first drum kit and began teaching herself to play.

It wasn’t long before Davis tried her hand at songwriting. Her first song, written with just one chord, marked the beginning of an intense creative period that coincided with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout 2021, Davis focused on forming a band and began touring. Her talent and hard work paid off, leading to her being named CMA of Texas Americana Artist of the Year in 2023 and signing with Cleopatra Records before the release of their debut album, “Sticks and Stones.”

The band’s provocative name, Trashy Annie, has an empowering origin story. After releasing her first song under her own name and facing criticism about her appearance online, Davis decided to embrace and celebrate her authentic self. The name became a defiant response to those who would try to dictate how she should look or behave.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Trashy Annie’s music is its genre-defying nature. Davis describes their sound as a mix of country, pop, hard rock, and even punk elements. This eclectic blend is a reflection of Davis’s approach to songwriting: “I try not to let the idea of a genre bind my creativity,” she explains. This openness to musical exploration keeps their sound fresh and evolving, with Davis even hinting at experimenting with rap in the future.

The band’s debut album, “Sticks and Stones,” is a perfect encapsulation of their ethos. The album art features a glittery middle finger on the front, while the back showcases screenshots of actual negative comments Davis has received on social media. It’s a bold statement of defiance and self-acceptance that resonates throughout their music.

What to Expect at the Show

If you’re wondering what a Trashy Annie live performance is like, get ready for a party. Davis describes their shows as high-energy affairs that prioritize inclusivity and create a welcoming environment for all. “We love our fans,” Davis says, “and the crazier people dress when they come to a Trashy Annie show, the more fun we all have together!”

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The band’s goal is to create an atmosphere where people can forget their troubles and just enjoy themselves. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to their music, you can expect a night filled with infectious energy, great music, and a celebration of individuality.

Davis’s songwriting is deeply influenced by her observant nature. As an introvert who was once a shy kid, she has always been fascinated by the lives of people she encounters in everyday situations. This keen eye for detail and human nature infuses her lyrics with relatable stories and emotions.

Despite their rising success, Trashy Annie remains committed to their artistic vision while navigating the demands of the music industry. Davis, drawing from her business background, sees the challenge of balancing creativity with commercial considerations as an interesting one. Her approach to building the band’s success mirrors that of any startup – with a clear vision for the brand and an unwavering commitment to the journey.

Trashy Annie shows no signs of slowing down. With a new studio album in the works, a live album featuring their current lineup (Miles Barker, Ryan Smith, Blake Jurasin, Amir Neubach, and Jamie Jordan Brown) on the horizon, and a collaboration with rock legend Thommy Price (Joan Jett’s drummer of 40 years), the band is poised for even greater heights.

Don’t Miss This Show!

The upcoming performance at Texas Music Cafe® on August 17, 2024, is your chance to experience Trashy Annie’s infectious energy and empowering message firsthand. Whether you’re drawn to their genre-bending sound, their message of self-acceptance, or simply looking for a great night out, this is a show you won’t want to miss.

So grab your friends, put on your most outrageous outfit, and join us for a night of music that celebrates being unapologetically yourself.

Get your tickets now and prepare to be part of what promises to be one of the most memorable concerts of the year!