I want to submit for a video Feature on Texas Music Cafe

Appearing on Texas Music Cafe®

Perks of Performing at TMC

Did you know that TMC holds one of the State of Texas’ largest music archives? TMC has archived more than 10,000 hours of Live Music performances across the State of Texas

By performing, your recordings are added to the archive and will be preserved, studied, and protected for generations.


Live Video

When you perform as a featured artist on TMC we  edit your video and remix the audio before adding the final videos of your performance to our 27+ year archive and showcase your performances on our streaming channels(YouTube etc.). Each live video recording  carries significant costs in terms of the camera crew, editing, and the final rendering of the video. The video product we create would cost an artist around $5k-8k to purchase and as a featured artist you pay nothing for production of the video.

Streaming Royalties

For material meeting TMC standards, we remix the audio into a digital live album for distribution through our partnering record label on the top 28 streaming platforms (at no cost to the artist).

The Artist  keeps 100% ownership of their songs. Every time your song gets played on more than 28 different TMC associated platforms, you get paid by your performing rights organization (ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC) for those plays.

TMC splits the streaming royalties evenly from the recordings we make.

1/3 to the Artist, 1/3 to TMC,  1/3 to the record label that distributes the money.

Airplay and Promotion

Airplay is the lifeblood of musicians and TMC is working for you around the clock. TMC continues to provide airplay opportunities for musicians for years after their initial appearance. We promote your music at no cost to you, leveraging the power of all artists appearing on Texas Music Cafe®.

Artists such as yourself get discovered by appearing alongside other artists (Willie Nelson, Billy Joe Shaver, Slaid Cleaves, Ruthie Foster, etc.) appearing on TMC’s playlists.

The Gig

It will be an easy gig. The PA, Stage Monitors, Microphones and Lighting are all provided along with a professional Sound Technician. All you need to bring are your instruments and small amplifiers( if required).  While we make the gig as easy as possible for artists, this is a full album, video session and expanded soundcheck.  Plan for a full day!