I want to submit for a video Feature on Texas Music Cafe

Appearing on Texas Music Cafe®

Did you know that TMC holds one of the State of Texas’ largest music archives?

By performing, your recordings are added to the archive. This archive will be preserved, studied, and protected for generations.

TMC has a 25 year track record generating income and exposure for artists appearing on the program.


What to Expect when appearing

below you will find a brief description of what to expect while appearing on Texas Music Cafe®

Live Video

Each live video recording  carries significant costs in terms of the camera crew, editing, and the final rendering of the video. The video product we create would cost an artist around $5k to purchase and as a featured artist, we create and host the footage with no cost to you.


Streaming Royalties

Streaming Royalties on the Recordings Produced by TMC (at no cost to artists):

TMC splits the streaming royalties evenly from the recordings we make.

1/3 to the Artist, 1/3 to TMC,  1/3 to Singing Hearts (the record label that distributes the money).

Songwriter Royalties

TMC Performers keep 100% ownership of their songs. Every time your song gets played on more than 30 different TMC associated platforms, you get paid by your performing rights organization (ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC) for those spins.


Airplay and Promotion

Airplay is the lifeblood of musicians and is working for you around the clock. TMC continues to provide airplay opportunities for musicians for years after their initial appearance.

Artists such as yourself get discovered by appearing alongside other artists (Willie Nelson, Billy Joe Shaver, Slaid Cleaves, Ruthie Foster, etc.) appearing on TMC’s playlists.


Appearing Artist Best Practices


Book your TMC gig on the way to Austin or Dallas. We are located 1.5 hours South of Dallas and 1.5 hours North of Austin in the Heart of Texas.

Advertise your show! A full studio looks great on camera.

Dress your best. Do not wear stripes, white, or hats that cast a shadow on your face. It looks bad on camera and you probably ain’t gettin’ any prettier than you are right now.

Fix your gear before arriving. Spray those noisy potentiometers and change your batteries and strings before the gig.

Register your original songs with a performing rights organization before the gig.

You get paid for performing and airplay of your material.

Arrive on time. This is not an average sound check… you are making a record. Giving us the time to insure quality helps you sound your best.

Always bring a good attitude!

The common thread with ALL great musicians is to be the type of person that people enjoy working alongside, and always give 110% every time you perform despite unforeseen conditions.

Never let that day’s woes affect a recording that will live on forever.

Your real audience is behind the lens. There are thousands of people not present in our studio that will be viewing this footage long into the future.