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We book cover bands too

If you are a band that primarily plays covers, you are not excluded from playing Texas Music Cafe® A good band is a good band, and although we can't produce recordings of cover songs, we still welcome submissions from you guys wanting to play the same stage legends of the Lone-star state have been gracing for a quarter of a century.

Supporting (Non-Feature Artist)

Joining our roster as a supporting artist can provide you a great opportunity to gain experience in live music. TMC has state of the art FOH audio with many past performers heralding our superior live sound.  We provide the PA, wedge monitors, stage lighting and dedicated Sound Engineer for every show. You show up at soundcheck with just your instruments, amps and drums.


Although you aren't featured in a video you have the opportunity to set a door cover price and will receive half the door. NOTE: Texas Music Cafe® distributes a limited number of promotional tickets to entice attendence. Door splits are reflected by the number of tickets sold through our ticketing platform.

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